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Interfaces and networking

As a forward-looking system, OPAN is technologically up-to-date. We are anxious to further advance networking in the health care sector and are very interested in interfaces to other platforms.

REST API for persons providing referrals (KIS and PIS)

OPAN offers a fully or partly integrable interface (API) which makes the direct connection to one's own professional software (KIS) or to the OPAN platform possible. With the interface, the time needed to fill out an application can be significantly reduced.

We welcome it if subject application providers implement the fully integrated API since by doing this, the benefit for the end user is greater and the process can be implemented better. With the API, an application can be effected entirely without web GUI. However, with the API there is also the possibility of effecting a partial application and transmitting the rest of the data via GUI. The API returns a temporary link to partial applications which you can call up in order to complete it with additional data in the form. In addition, the API offers the possibility of handing in data later. You can call up the status of the application via the API as well as the transmitted fields and an application report in the form of a PDF which can then be filed in the patient's dossier.

In order to test queries directly online, we will have to set up a test token for you. Please ask me for a test access.

Online API documentation


REST API for recipients (Spitex subject applications)

On the recipient's side, OPAN has already been offering since early 2014 a REST interface for Spitex subject applications which have been implemented successfully by the leading Spitex software producers. We are always eager to develop the interfaces further and will watch for backward compatibility.

The new Spitex V2 API is now available. The related documentation be accessed directly in the Online API documentation.

Online API documentation


URL Parameter Interface (UPI) for referring physicians (KIS and PIS)

The UPI is seen as a "pragmatic" solution and can be implemented at small expense. It only functions unidirectionally and yet, thanks to the parameterization of the individual fields, most of the form can often be pre-filled.

Only data can be transmitted with the UPI. Documents must be attached to the application manually in the browser. As a rule, the subject application calls up a URL which is configured with prescribed parameters and values. OPAN checks these data and transfers them into the appropriate fields on the application form. After that, the application must be completed in the browser.

Technical description and the current version of the parameter documentation (xlsx).

OPAN® web platform
OPAN® web platform