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Are you looking for the right nursing home?
<p>Are you looking for a nursing home for yourself or another person? Whether you are seeking temporary accommodations and respite care or a permanent placement, you will be able to find an appropriate institution here.</p><p>By entering an address, you will be able to launch a targeted search and start submitting applications online.</p>

OPAN® for Hospitals and Institutions

is the most-used platform for online patient applications for Spitex services.

<p>So that the seamless takeover of care from hospital to Spitex can be assured to take place as quickly as possible, the OPAN® online application system was developed. The system has, through its user friendliness, high availability, and advanced technological standards, risen in a short period of time to Number 1 in Switzerland. The complimentary access to the system is open to all referring persons (institutions, family doctors, and private persons) and does not require prior registration.</p><p>The electronic networking between the different partners in the health care sector is becoming ever more meaningful. The demands on the information channels are constantly growing. Data protection and data security as well as efficiency enhancements are important additional success factors in an environment of constantly growing financial pressures.</p><p>With OPAN®, institutions, medical practices and private persons can transmit applications reliably and securely to the responsible Spitex organization.</p>

Course of an application

After successful transmission of the application to OPAN®, you will receive a registration report (via e-mail or via computer interface). As soon as the application has been received by the selected Spitex organization, you will be so informed by the same means. If you have chosen a private Spitex organzation, you will receive the confirmation report from it within two office hours or after two additional hours, from the Spitex organization with the service contract.

  • Referring physician

    Institutions / medical practices / private individuals

  • OPAN®

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Interfaces and networking

OPAN offers a fully or partly integrable interface (API) which makes the direct connection of one's own specialized software (KIS) to the OPAN platform possible. <strong>With the interface, the time needed to fill out an application can be significantly</strong> reduced.

Contact our Support to receive further information on the interfaces.

OPAN® web platform
OPAN® web platform

Optimal integration into the KISIM hospital information system provided by CISTEC AG

Together with CISTEC AG, we have developed a comprehensive OPAN interface and integration for the KISIM hospital information system. This system has been in use since 2017 and has now been optimized in a new edition for the current KISIM Release 5, and it has also been supplemented with additional functions. This solution eliminates the need to make time-consuming double entries of data and prevents transmission errors. Registrations can be completed even faster, and all information is available centrally in the HIS.

The following functions and properties are available to KISIM users:

  • Integrated, embedded querying of the OPAN website in the Spitex registration in KISIM
  • Automatic transfer of all data required for registration from KISIM to OPAN: Patient master data, relative data, family physician, health insurance, event, etc.
  • Select the desired Spitex organization
  • Select Spitex for children
  • Select palliative Spitex
  • Filter by the main and ancillary Spitex services
  • Secure sending of reports and curve elements from KISIM
  • Assignment of specific rights when sending enclosures (can be restricted to certain documents in order to protect data/patients)
  • Overview of submitted documents
  • Audit-proof logging of submitted data/documents
  • Subsequent document submission
  • Current registration status (sharing of the current OPAN status with KISIM upon request)
  • Automatic download of the completed Spitex registration to the KG by KISIM
  • OPAN monitoring: Overview of all ongoing OPAN registrations with relevant information for each ward or outpatient department