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Are you looking for the right nursing home?
<p>Are you looking for a nursing home for yourself or another person? Whether you are seeking temporary accommodations and respite care or a permanent placement, you will be able to find an appropriate institution here.</p><p>By entering an address, you will be able to launch a targeted search and start submitting applications online.</p>

What is OPAN®?

OPAN® is the online application system for Spitex care or services

By disclosing personal details, health insurance, family doctor and Spitex order, you can send an electronic application safely and easily at any time. You can accomplish this for <strong>yourself</strong> or <strong>another person</strong> (relative, acquaintance, etc).

The selected Spitex organization will then call you back and advise you if necessary and clarify any open questions. If you have chosen a private Spitex organization, you will be contacted within two hours by this organization or after an additional two hours, by the Spitex organization with a service obligation and/or you will receive the confirmation report by e-mail. The applications will be processed continually on weekdays during normal office hours.


  • Enter a postal code and choose your desired organisation

  • Start patient registration

  • Submit required data

  • Attach documents

  • Submit patient registration

What does Spitex do?

Spitex services can, for example, in the case of bodily or mental illnesses, the afflictions of old age, after accidents or after giving birth, make recovery and everyday life at home significantly easier or even possible in the first place. Similarly, the Spitex specialists can be consulted for questions on health improvement or sickness prevention.

The individual service catalog can vary depending on the Spitex organization or it will be offered in collaboration with partner organizations.

The core services are:

Care and support at home

  • Needs assessment
  • Advice and coordination (services covered by mandatory health insurance according to the health insurance law (KVG))
  • Help with personal hygiene
  • Help and support for personal hygiene and the further activities of daily living (ATL)
  • Prescription of medications
  • Performance of technical-medicinal tasks like blood sampling, monitoring of blood sugar, etc.
  • Monitoring of vital signs
  • Wound care
  • Psychiatric care and supervision
  • Palliative care
  • Spitex for Children

Costs and financing

What does health insurance pay for?

A specialist at Spitex will be clarifying the needs and requirements at the start of care by means of the fee-based needs assessment. In the medical insurance law (KVG), it has been established as a prerequisite that services from the nursing care services ordnance be reimbursed or taken over by the health insurer. The needs assessment will be signed by your doctor or family doctor and passed on to the health insurance fund.

For exact information on the services of your <strong>health</strong> or <strong>accident insurance</strong>, please get in touch with your contact at the respective insurance company.

What does the customer himself have to pay?

In general the following applies:

  • Annual deductible (amount specified in insurance contract)
  • 10% of the costs of the nursing services (deductible)
  • Patient participation in nursing costs (max. CHF 15.35 per day employed; varies by canton)

Can be taken over in whole or in part by supplementary insurance, disability insurance or compensation fund:

  • Housekeeping services