OPAN® for Spitex organizations

Currently, 558 organizations are participating in OPAN®

Electronic interconnection between the various partners in health care is becoming increasingly important. The information channels are faster, safer and clearer. Privacy and data security as well as efficiency and time savings are key success factors in the environment of steadily increasing cost pressure.

OPAN® can transmit applications from all organizations that refer patients (hospitals, medical practices, private persons) standardized to the Spitex organization safely, simply and fast.

The OPAN® system can also be used for the simple transfer of documents to the Spitex organization, similar to a protected e-mail notification.

Course of an application

The referring doctor enters the application data on https://www.opanspitex.ch and submits the application. When the application has arrived at your end in the protected back-end area, you will be notified by mail that you have a new application and can log into your password-protected area in order to process the application further.<br /><br />With your change of status, the referring doctor will be automatically informed about the arrival of the application in the Spitex organization. He now knows that you will be taking care of matters going forward. You will arrange definitive planning with the customer directly, unless something else is desired.

  • Referring physician

    Institutions / medical practices / private individuals

  • OPAN®

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Interfaces and networking

Once data that has been entered electronically, it should also be able to be processed electronically. For that reason, OPAN® has various interfaces to the Spitex software. See at the side.<br /><br />Interfaces simplify considerably the administrative acceptance after the arrival of the application in the Spitex organization. It <b>increases the quality of the data and saves time and thereby expense.</b><br /><br />OPAN SPITEX AG makes use of the interface available free-of-charge. Please inquire with your software provider whether costs for its use will be incurred on their side.<br /><br />Immediately after the launch of OPAN®, you will receive the necessary particulars from us in order to use the interface productively.

Contact our Support to receive further information on the interfaces.

OPAN® web platform
OPAN® web platform