Spitex Zurich signs up to OPAN®

Spitex Zürich, i.e. Spitex Limmat, Spitex Sihl and the Stiftung Alterswohnungen der Stadt Zürich SAW, have taken the step to be the first organisations in the canton of Zurich to introduce OPAN®. The Canton of Zurich Spitex Association supports the idea of rolling out OPAN® across the entire canton. From February 2015, the entire metropolitan area of Zurich will have access to OPAN®. This will see 1.6 million people, or just under 20 percent of the total population, covered via OPAN®. To date, 88 institutions from seven cantons have already booked over 7300 OPAN® appointments. In September 2014, an average of 18 appointments per day was processed – a clearly rising trend.