OPAN® is being strengthened for the future

All current contracts will be moved over to the newly founded OPAN SPITEX AG.

It is planned that OPAN SPITEX AG will further strengthen OPAN® and establish the registration platform more prevalently amongst referring physicians and Spitex organisations as well as broaden its functions. The stakeholders also wish to be able to respond more quickly to the market and its needs.

Next to SPITEX BERN, the other stakeholder in OPAN SPITEX AG is the company CloudTec GmbH whose owner Christian Knellwolf contributed significantly to the development of OPAN®. Christian Knellwolf will also be responsible for the management of OPAN SPITEX AG.

Its ease of use, high degree of availability and advanced technological standards make OPAN® the leading Spitex patient registration system in Switzerland.