OPAN® and HIN are the perfect combination

OPAN® is the most widely used platform for managing online patient registrations with Spitex. Electronic networking between different partners in the healthcare sector is our core business. In cooperation with HIN, OPAN® can offer you a considerable added value. You log in to our system with a HIN user account, where you can easily register patient hospital admissions, transfer documents, or send requirements notifications via OPAN®.

Short response times and a well-structured working process save you time, which is an important success factor in the face of ever increasing cost pressures. With OPAN®, you can send applications and documents to Spitex in a process-based manner.

OPAN® online patient registration - a service provided by Spitex.

OPAN® - <br>Das Wichtigste in Kürze

is the most-used platform for online patient applications for Spitex services.

<p>So that the seamless takeover of care from hospital to Spitex can be assured to take place as quickly as possible, the OPAN® online application system was developed. The system has, through its user friendliness, high availability, and advanced technological standards, risen in a short period of time to Number 1 in Switzerland. The complimentary access to the system is open to all referring persons (institutions, family doctors, and private persons) and does not require prior registration.</p><p>The electronic networking between the different partners in the health care sector is becoming ever more meaningful. The demands on the information channels are constantly growing. Data protection and data security as well as efficiency enhancements are important additional success factors in an environment of constantly growing financial pressures.</p><p>With OPAN®, institutions, medical practices and private persons can transmit applications reliably and securely to the responsible Spitex organization.</p>

The benefits you receive with an OPAN® user account

Permissions & Settings

OPAN® lets you crate auxiliary user accounts for the employees at your practice. You can create these auxiliary user accounts for assistants at the practice, for example. These accounts can be assigned the administrative burden of processing registrations and document transfers, allowing you to focus on your work.

Process-based data transfers between doctors' practices and Spitex

OPAN® allows you to securely and easily transfer files and documents to the selected Spitex organization. Thanks to data encryption, unauthorized persons are prevented from accessing patient data.

Log in with just your HIN identity and without a password

When you link your HIN user account to OPAN®, you can log in directly to OPAN® in just one click. In order to do this, you must have a HIN identity and a HIN client or the HIN Access Gateway (AGW) with TrustLevel 2. This eliminates the need to enter any additional login data.

Short communication channels between partners

All communications are handled by us via the OPAN® platform. This means that official documents, such as nursing orders or patient information, for example, can no longer be sent via mail. Rather, they can be quickly and easily processed and sent via the platform.

Electronic confirmation of requirement messages

An additional tool that will benefit you as a user of OPAN® is the ability to electronically process requirement messages. With OPAN®, you can now quickly and easily release a requirement message for a Spitex organization without any extra printing and scanning.

Patient data is always up-to-date thanks to the status overview

OPAN® will always keep you informed of the status of a requirement message or a registration. You will be notified by e-mail when a status changes. Thus, you are always kept up-to-date and able to stay on top of orders.

The service works even more efficiently when used together with interfaces

OPAN provides you with a fully or partially integrable interface (API), which allows you to directly connect your own specialized/practice management software (PIS) to the OPAN platform. Thanks to the interface, the time that is required to submit structured data and documentation applications can be significantly reduced. Ask your software vendor about the integration options.

Uniformly structured patient datan

Thanks to the use of coordinated and digital forms, we can ensure that patient data is transmitted in a structured form. These should help you to work more effectively and faster.

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